Importance of Native Delivery

Marketplaces are expensive 💰

Why send customers to marketplaces when we know that order is extorting the customer, courier, and your restaurant for fees? Keep your margins and keep your customers ordering more frequently.

Small changes make a big difference 📈

Each incremental order that is funneled to native holds significant weight. The average delivery restaurant will see upwards of $15k of incremental revenue for every 5% they are able to shift to native orders.

Frequently asked questions

Is Relay compatible with all marketplaces?

Yes, Relay is currently available across 100+ ordering platforms.

Can I get access to my customer data?

Absolutely; we will also segment it for you in actionable views.

Does Relay assist in helping restaurants grow their native channel?

Relay utilizes a deep set of proprietary data, as well as classic marketing techniques to help migrate your loyal customers to native ordering.

Why are people switching to Relay?

Relay is easy to set up – we take care of the onboarding and we expedite the process of you taking back control of your customers. We can integrate with your POS / Aggregator solution and provide best in class delivery quality.


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